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Mediating Divorce, Parenting Plans, and Workplace Cases

You have a major stake in the outcome of your dispute. Professional mediation enables you to reach a resolution you can live with while protecting your most critical interests. You remain in control. No solution will be imposed on you. If you cannot agree on terms acceptable to you, no settlement will go forward and you may still pursue the matter through the legal system. I facilitate divorce, including Parenting Plans and plan modifications, visitation, parental rights and custody issues, workplace, as well as landlord/tenant, copyright and intellectual property cases as a “Rule 31 Listed” mediator in the Nashville metropolitan area. Give me the opportunity to help you reach an acceptable resolution – you have nothing to lose.

Save money by avoiding costly attorneys, litigation, and discovery. Mediation may cost between $350 and $800 whereas Forbes Magazine has calculated the average cost of a litigated divorce at $15,000 to $30,000+.

Maintain your privacy with total confidentiality. The confidentiality of mediation is protected by provisions clearly written into state law as well as the mediator’s obligation and commitment to professional ethics.

Save months and even years of valuable time. Mediation may be completed in hours or days whereas the typical litigated divorce can take 3 to 24 months with the average being 17.6 months according to a survey conducted by, the Internet’s leading legal website.

Online Mediation Available!

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“Among the groundswell of mediator choices now available to the public, Chuck Hill stands out for his ability to find rational, workable and enduring solutions to conflict using warmth and humor. With a background in higher education administration and labor relations, Chuck’s authentic communication style allows him to relate well to people of all ages and backgrounds, earning the trust of disputing parties and empowering people to work together for mutual gain. This impressive array of skills has led to his mastery of the art and science of mediation. I worked closely with Chuck for many years at the Nashville Conflict Resolution Center where he served as a mediator, trainer/facilitator and board member. Chuck’s practice areas include family mediation (co-parenting after divorce or separation) and parent/teen conflict mediation, in addition to mediation in university or business settings. I would not hesitate for one moment to call upon Chuck for mediation assistance!”  

Tamara Ambar
former Executive Director
Nashville Conflict Resolution Center
Nashville, TN

“Chuck is a highly skilled facilitative mediator who I had the pleasure of supervising as both mediator and co-mediator. He achieved a settlement rate well over 90% in debtor/creditor and landlord/tenant cases which made up the vast majority of our caseload.

In addition to my personal observation of mediator performance, we asked disputants to complete evaluations on their experience at the conclusion of each mediation. Chuck’s evaluations have consistently ranked amongst the highest.”

Alan Phan
Mediation Program Director
Fair Housing Council of Orange County
Santa Ana, CA

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