“Chuck instantly took away all fear and tension that I felt going into mediation. The energy was calm and positive when I had expected it to be tense and awkward. He was professional and efficient, but more importantly, caring and patient. It felt like he really cared about what was best for my son, which made it easier for us to come to mutual agreement. Chuck is the first mediator I would recommend!”

Caprese C.
Parenting Plan client
Nashville, TN


Why select Chuck Hill as your mediator? Among the directories and lists of qualified, available mediators, you have many choices. By selecting Chuck, you will be working with a mediator who has experienced the difficulties of raising a child as a single parent, takes a practical rather than theoretical approach to parenting and relationship problems, and who has learned the importance of the emotional side of disputes after years of trying to avoid that very issue. Chuck is known to employ warmth and a sense of humor, but is definitely not a hand-wringing “kumbaya” guy. He is a results-oriented, facilitative mediator.

Chuck has been trained and approved for both Family and Civil mediations by the Tennessee Supreme Court under its rigorous Rule 31 listing requirements, and has worked extensively with both married and unmarried parents. He has facilitated many landlord/tenant issues through the Fair Housing Council of Orange County, CA and the Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency in Nashville, as well as a variety of civil cases in CA and TN. He is flexible and can conduct mediations via online video conference and/or face-to-face. Days as well as evenings and weekends can be accommodated. Chuck received his academic training in Alternative Dispute Resolution from the University of California, has written extensively on facilitative mediation, and has published numerous articles through Mediate.com, the Tennessee Association of Professional Mediators, the Family Mediation Quarterly, and other publications. He served as a coach and guest evaluator for candidates completing Lipscomb University’s Institute for Conflict Management, Rule 31 mediation training for the past several years.

Chuck has had considerable cross-cultural and international experience, has earned a certificate in Intercultural Mediation from BRDGES Academy, is Vice Chair of the Nashville Conflict Resolution Center (NCRC), and holds an appointment as an Ombudsman/Mediator with the U.S. Department of Defense, assisting employers and service members with disputes involving employment status following deployment with the National Guard or Reserve. He is certified as an Online Mediation Specialist with the prestigious International Mediation Institute (IMI) in The Hague, Netherlands.

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