Trust that your co-parent has the best interest of your child at heart and in deed.

Communications without trust is like a smartphone with no service, you can try to work with it all you like, but all you can really do is play games, you won’t connect with the other party.

When it comes to your child, you need to be able to trust that he/she is the highest priority for both of you. All else is secondary. With that understanding, you can communicate and ultimately collaborate!

Remember to love your child more than you hate trying to communicate with the other parent. When children are involved, a failure to plan is a plan to fail! Failing to communicate is like setting a stage where the parents will be the villain/victim and the child will be the Master of Ceremonies.

Trust is built and rests on the weight bearing pillars of Love of Child, Consistency and Predictability of behavior, Dependability to be counted on to meet commitments, and Respecting the parenthood of the other parent.

Collaboration is when two or more individuals work together to effectively accomplish the common goal of successfully raising a child.