Divorce Mediation Checklist

Gathering as much of the information listed below as you can, in advance of the mediation, will help reduce the amount of time and cost incurred. Click here for a downloadable PDF.

Divorce Without Children… 

  • Information from pay stubs, W-2’s, or last year’s tax return verifying current monthly gross income (before taxes and other deductions) for both parties
  • Review beneficiary designations on insurance policies, bank accounts, pensions, 401(k), 457(b), IRA’s, trusts, wills, investments, and all other accounts and/or documents where a spouse may be listed as a beneficiary
  • Account balances and last four digits of account numbers for all assets and liabilities including investments, stocks, bonds, annuities, credit cards, loans, and checking & savings bank accounts
  • Copies of vehicle registrations and titles showing VIN numbers (include boats and motorcycles)
  • If either party is self-employed – need the amount of self-employment tax paid

In addition to the items listed above those divorcing with children under 18 will need…

  • Amount of children’s portion of health insurance premium paid by either parent – may be the difference between “employee only” and “employee + children” premium amount
  • Information on costs of work-related child care for children
  • Recurring uninsured medical expenses for children (therapy, medicine, eye glasses, special needs)
  • Amount paid in support of any other children: both in-home and not in-home